Building Rehabilitation

Because of the Bennett Freeze (read more about the Bennett Freeze) – many homes are in need of water, electricity, and/or improvement. We help repair homes and provide safe, livable conditions for residents in Hidden Springs and the surrounding communities.

Youth Programs and Mentoring

According to an article published by Partnership with Native Americans, “the average high school graduation rate is 32%. About 5% of the Navajo people have a bachelor’s degree…Unemployment averages 50%. About 60% of the people live below poverty.”

Hidden Springs Mission helps students in the community through:

  • Partnerships with local schools (helping the schools get supplies they need, contributing to programs that benefit the students, supporting the teachers and staff by helping in any way.
  • An after school program offering tutoring, recreation, and nutrition.
  • A mentorship program that partners a high school student with an adult who will help with guidance, advice, and encouragement in the areas of college & career options.
  • A resource center with information on colleges, programs, and career paths.

Listening and Presence

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Relationship Development

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Hidden Springs Mission is a nonprofit that has a heart for the Navajo people.

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