It’s one of our FAVORITE things when people come to the Reservation for the first time! They inevitably fall in love with this beautiful place and our Navajo community. Meet Jalissa & Sarah – two members of the First Church team that came out in the beginning of July: Jalissa said… I want to go on this trip because[…]


What do you get when you put a VBS, a wedding, a boating day, Halo, Proud Mary, a pancake dinner, night games, and a few other things together? …an amazing 12 days with First Church and friends from Alabama, Kansas, and Pennsylvania! {And also: maybe a scab on your knee when you participate in the aforementioned night games & you fall[…]

JUNE 2021

Sometimes it feels like there’s so. much. work. to be done, and there’s not an end in sight. I think these are the times that it’s good to look back to see how much progress has actually been made.   These pictures popped up on my FB memories yesterday with the following caption:   FRI[…]

Gathering 2021

We are SO EXCITED to see you tomorrow night at 5:30pm at First Church Ministries for our Annual Gathering – everyone is welcome!! We’re looking forward to sharing what God is doing on the Reservation with all of you! Please let us know if you have any questions at all…


In the beginning of May, we hosted our first mission group since the pandemic from LOVE MISSIONS + Palm Beach Atlantic University – PBA. It was a great week! Lydia was one of the PBA students on this trip. Here are some of her thoughts about her time here…   to be real, i was[…]

Brandon’s Story

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since we said goodbye to our friends from @lovemissionsglobal + @pbauniversity. We miss them very much! Brandon was one of the student leaders on this trip. Here are some of his thoughts about his time here… • When God Calls ANSWER!!! • • There are so[…]

Brenna’s Story

As you know, it’s been more than a year since we’ve had a mission team come out to serve in our area. We are extremely thankful to have had @lovemissionsglobal + @pbauniversity with us for a week in the beginning of May. Because we love our community so much, it’s always enjoyable to host groups[…]

Shave the Beard Challenge 2021

Bill Manning, co-founder of Hidden Springs Mission, has agreed to shave off his beard if we get 50 members to join our giving community, The Collective, at $50/month between now and June 5th!  Already a part of The Collective? Any increase in current monthly donations will count toward this challenge as well! *Learn more here! Bill[…]

Love Missions & Palm Beach Atlantic University

We are so thankful to have had an amazing group from Love Missions Global + Palm Beach Atlantic University with us this past week! It’s been more than a year since we’ve had a mission team come out to serve in our community, and what a great one to kick off our summer! We’re always thankful for God’s timing. It was[…]

Bill’s Story

We’ve been sharing our girls’ thoughts about our move from VA and life here on the Reservation. You can read the girls’ stories here: Evangeline Isabella Gianna Espy Grace Meet Big Bill! William Joseph is the only man in our fam – God bless him. He is currently teaching middle school math full-time while running[…]

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