Bill & Grace Manning and their four daughters moved from the suburbs of Virginia to Hidden Springs on the Navajo Reservation in July of 2018 to make their home in a place that they have fallen in love with + to live in community with the people they have grown in relationship with over the past 20 years.

Bill first came to the Reservation on a high school mission trip when he was 18 years old. Since then, he has committed to come to Arizona once or twice a year. As a student and as an associate pastor, Bill has always had a heart for the Navajo.

Grace’s initial trip to Arizona was eighteen years ago. She had an immediate connection with the people on the Reservation and looked forward to visiting yearly Рuntil she & Bill started having their children.

Each of the Manning girls have been on at least one of the mission trips to Hidden Springs. Like their parents, they have found a love for the land & for the people of this area.

What started off as feelings of sadness each time Bill & Grace left the Reservation grew into a passion to move their family to Arizona. They serve the Navajo through various projects & programs. Not only do they work within the community, but they love their neighbors, seek their good, and inspire hope as well.

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