We hope the fall season has been good to you. We are in the middle of wrapping up one soccer season & two cross country seasons for the girls. It’s hard to believe that we now have a freshman in college, a senior, a ninth grader, and a sixth grader! Esperanza is almost halfway through her first semester. She’s loving all of her courses and is settling into her new city. Gianna is in the midst of applying to colleges, etc. and is fully enjoying her last year of high school. Isabella is acclimating to life as a freshman and is working hard on the varsity XC team. Our Evangeline loves middle school and the independence & responsibility that comes with it.

In nonprofit news…

We are grateful to have had the NECA {Navajo Engineering & Construction Authority} on site for three weeks installing water lines. A watering point has been put in & all the buildings on the property (including the church, parsonage, bunkhouse, and outdoor kitchen) are hooked up to safe water. A huge thank you to Xylem Watermark for providing a substantial amount of money in order to fund this entire project!

We were thrilled to have Mike and Lydia from Moonshot Missions along with Ann, Abhi, and Julissa from the University of Illinois with us last week. They were here:

  • to continue working on the MM water project.
  • to communicate with the community¬†about their needs.
  • and to continue researching/planning for providing better access to livestock water in our area.

We’ve been working with the University of Illinois & Moonshot Missions for three years, and they are fully committed to helping our area gain better access to water. We are very thankful for their initiative + their passion.

Bill continues his role as pastor at Hidden Springs Bible Church. In recent weeks, we have started a mid-week meeting called Abide – a time to chat & pray for each other and our community. We’re also excited to begin getting together with the youth again while the girls have a break from sports.

We’re looking forward to having First Church Ministries here in December. They plan on providing backpacks filled with school supplies, books, and small toys for the children I our are. We’re excited to host community events, etc. with them during this Christmas season!

Thank you so much for continuing on this journey with us. Your steadfast love for our family and the Navajo people is amazing!

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