One of the things we love the most about living here is being able to host groups who continue to return to the Reservation & introducing those who’ve never been here before to our amazing Navajo community!

Pastor Bob of First Church Ministries first started bringing a group of teenagers to AZ in 1995. When Bill becomes Associate Pastor in the early 2000s, he continued bringing groups out. This is the 26th summer that this amazing group has been here.

We were thrilled to have Jalissa here for her second trip…
Her favorite moment:
My favorite moments were volleyball & worship night. I also liked the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Why she continues to come back:
I want to continue to come back to build relationships I have there. I feel the most connected to God when I’m in AZ & I believe that is where He wants me to be.

This is Logan’s first year coming to Arizona…
His favorite moment:
My favorite part was either the worship night or the cookout we had on Friday night. Seeing so many people who weren’t a part of VBS showing up & everyone having a lot of fun was amazing.

Why he decided to make the trip:
I wanted to come to really dive head first into my relationship with Christ and saw the mission trip as a great way to do that. It definitely strengthened it a lot as well as helped me establish daily habits to start my day off better & putting God first.

Alex has been to the Reservation three times – this is her second summer trip…
Her favorite moment:
I loved hiking up to the spring, standing among the hummingbird moths, and feeling privy to a secret, magical moment in nature. Being on the Reservation always gives me that feeling.

I loved reconnecting with several of the youth. I love how each of them are so unique and accept me so readily as part of their family

  • One is strong and determined. Smart, cunning, and a born leader.
  • Another has kind eyes and is the sweetest person I have ever met. He never wants to show me too much of himself, but I know he is incredibly kind, gentle, and courageous. And, he loves animals.  
  • One is a gem. She is beautiful inside and out. She is protective of her family, a good listener, and a fierce friend.
  • Her sister is joy. She is funny & witty and seeks to make everyone feel included. She is brave, outgoing, and always kind.

Why she continues to come back:
I continue to come because here I have felt true joy and love and connection with my Lord and Savior Jesus. My family is here now.

Our family has made so many memories here, and we’re honored to be able to introduce other people to this place + this community. We’re continually thankful for groups who spend time here and get to know the people on the Reservation!

Thank you to Jalissa, Logan, and Alex for sharing – and thank YOU for reading!

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