MARCH 2022

We’re extremely thankful for all the work that was finished the past couple of months!

We got a great start prepping our basketball court with the help of Bill’s cousin, Jerry Yates. Although we experienced a setback for the next stage, we’re in the process of exploring options to complete the project.

It was so good to have:

…with us this month! They were able to: 

  • repair the outdoor kitchen sink.
  • replace (2) bunkhouse faucets.
  • install insulation in the bunkhouses.
  • install receptacles in the bunkhouses.
  • install a receptacle in the outdoor kitchen.
  • repair & install receptacles in a home in the community.
  • take down the oven/sink structure in the pavilion area.
  • dig irrigation trenches in the Gap Chapter House Greenhouse.
  • inspect the waterline (our community’s water source for homes & livestock).
  • clear brush near the property sign.
  • paint the outdoor kitchen, bunkhouse, and a storage shed.

In addition to the work, the Love Missions/PBAU team conducted several women’s Bible studies and two Youth Nights for our community members while they were here!


  • We are in the process of evaluating applications for college interns this summer.
  • Bill is meeting with several churches & organizations with regards to partnering with HSM.
  • We are preparing for incoming groups for the spring + the summer.

We would love for you to pray for strength & endurance for the weeks ahead as we continue to host groups. We’re extremely grateful for all of the help + support!

As always – thanks so much for walking with us. We appreciate all of you…

• MAY 7 – Purposed Focus (Solar Project)
• MAY 6-18 – University of Illinois (Water Project)
• MAY 9-13 – College Hosted Basketball Camp {TBD}
• JUN 17-25 – Love Missions Summer Trip
• JUN 30-JUL 5 – Warrior Leadership Summit (youth camp)
• JUL 7-18 – First Church Mission Trip

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