Please meet our friends Emily & Danielle – two of the members from the First Church team that came out in July. This is their third trip to Hidden Springs!

Emily’s thoughts…
My favorite moment from this recent trip was definitely seeing all of the kids excited to be at Lake Powell and seeing Becket teach them how to swim. They all were so excited to show everybody, and it was adorable.

I continue to come back on this trip because I absolutely love being able to not only help others with their relationship with God but also to increase mine.

Danielle’s favorite moment:
One of my favorite moments was the first day of VBS when I was able to see kids from the previous years. It was great to see them again, especially the kids who had been in my VBS group the years before. Also, I loved when we went to Lake Powell and the Navajos were able to go tubing.

Why do you continue to come back:
I continue to come back because it is amazing to see the growth of community and friendships/relationships over the years, and throughout the two weeks that we are there. There has already been so much change over the three years that I have been, and I hope to positively impact the people, and share God’s love with them. I plan on going to Arizona for as long as possible, and I am thankful for our church, the Mannings, and God for allowing this trip to continue and for being so supportive.

Some of our favorite memories were made on this trip, and now we love hosting it. We’re thankful for groups who spend time here and get to know the people on the Reservation!

Thank you for sharing, Emily & Danielle – and thank YOU for reading!

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