Please meet Trista & Alex – two members of the First Church team that came out in the beginning of July.

Trista first came to the Reservation five years ago & this was her second trip here. This was Alex’s first time out to Hidden Springs.

Trista’s thoughts…
I absolutely love how the kids and adults respond to our group.  There is a mutual love and respect.  I had so many memorable moments: watching one of the girls get married & their families and friends coming together with us for the meal after the ceremony, watching one of the grandmas dance with Grace & Regan, and most of all the hugs from the kids.

I will continue to return to share Jesus’s love for us to all of them and to build lasting relationships.

Alex shares…
What was your favorite moment/story/thing?
I loved the meals we had together with the teen group and the community! Pizza in the park in Page, Navajo tacos with the church matriarchs, and the pancake dinner were my favorites! I loved being able to connect with people by sharing a meal and having meaningful conversations. Meal time has always meant an opportunity for friendship and fellowship for me. 

If it was your first time, why did you want to come?
This was my first trip. I definitely felt called by God to go. I knew I wanted to love people and share the love, kindness, and peace that I had found in Jesus with them. I wanted to feel connected to something greater than myself and I love children so going on this trip just made sense.

We LOVE hearing how spending time on the Reservation and with the beautiful people of this community impacts others. Thank you for sharing, Trista & Alex – and thank YOU for reading!

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