We’ve survived almost two weeks of school – hurray!

While Bill is working full-time for the nonprofit, we are both subbing for the school district & I continue to run my Young Living + Color Street businesses.

Espy is working full-time & managing her coursework while Gianna, Isabella, and Evangeline are balancing schoolwork – and soccer, cross country, and musical clubs respectively.

What do Bill & I do all day long?
Such a good question!We’re still working out our “normal” schedules, but so far: one of us will take the three girls to school (about 55 miles from our house). While we’re in Page {where the schools are}, we’ll either sub or work remotely while the girls attend class & practices. During the week, we leave around 6:30am and get back at 7:30pm.

Whoever stays at HSM is Espy’s chauffeur for work so that we still have a vehicle available to us – just in case!

If I stay on the property, I’ll work from home and catch up on ALL the things. There are always things to get done, am I right?

When Bill is at Hidden Springs – he is focusing on working on the church/bunkhouse/outdoor kitchen, etc. and working on logistics for current/upcoming projects & trips:

  • Whenever there’s a strong wind or a storm comes through, shingles fly off of our roof. Thankfully, B has had the time to repair and weatherproof it for the fall/winter seasons.
  • Water haulers come by to fill their tanks throughout the day for their homes & their livestock. Bill has had the opportunity to connect with these men along with other neighbors who swing by to chat and/or share a meal with him.

Youth updates:

  • We had some kids over for dinner last week who needed a safe place to stay for a few hours. We plan on having them over weekly. Prayers for their family would be appreciated.Thank you for praying for this time together!
  • We’ve started meeting with some of the teens in our community every Friday night.
We appreciate each of you & ALL of your continuous love + support. Thanks for praying for everything here on the Reservation…

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