We miss our Florida friends, and we’re so thankful that Love Missions Global + Palm Beach Atlantic University came out in May!

Anna was one of the PBA students on the mission team. She shares:

use me.
to brighten the lives of those living in darkness.
send me.
to unreached places, that You may extend Your hand through me.
push me.
out of my comfort zone and away from what i think i know of my life.

i am once again brought to tears over the excellence of my Savior. He reigns. He deserves all the glory. i am stuck in a complete undeniable state of awe.

God showed me things i didn’t know i needed to see on this trip. He broke me down to a place of vulnerability that honestly, i haven’t been in for a long time. He allowed me the opportunity to learn from the most beautiful people, full of limitless culture and wisdom. He showed me a completely different side of life and took my perspective to new heights. i always say that God doesn’t call the equipped yet He equips the called. this has never been so evident in my life. recently i have been in a place far far away from God. i have been running away from his love day after day unable to accept that He loves me unconditionally. let me repeat that. He loves me unconditionally. i am so ridiculously undeserving of that truth.

YOU are loved so unconditionally, fully, and with no limits. God is MOVING. the movement is NOW. i cannot tell you enough how great God is and how He changes lives. i’ve seen it before, i am seeing it now, and i know i will see it again.
this is my surrender.

Thanks so much for reading!

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