Happy August!

We are missing having everyone here as we settle into a new season. We LOVE having everyone {and all the vans haha} on the property! We’re already looking forward to our next group coming out…

Also, Bill has added two ducks & a dog named Caesar to the family for a total of two ducks, six dogs, and thirteen chickens!

It’s hard to believe that our girls start school in EIGHT days:
• Evangeline will be in the 5th grade.
• Isabella is starting the 8th grade.
• Gianna is an upcoming junior.
• And – Esperanza will be continuing her college career with Physics 101.

Thanks so much for praying for the girls as they get assimilated to their school/sports/work schedules!

We wanted to give you an update on the latest happenings with the nonprofit:

  • Phase 1 of our bunkhouse improvement plan has been completed including redoing the plumbing & replacing the floors due to years of leaks! Phase 2 will involve repairing walls, installing insulation, updating lights, and purchasing bunks.
  • Our facility improvements are key in making our partnership with Moonshot Missions effective. MM works with underserved communities like ours to customize water projects to ensure that its members have access to clean water. We recently received a quote from the Navajo Engineering & Construction Authority. MM is in the process of signing this contract which will provide free, safe drinking water for our community by installing a watering point at Hidden Springs Mission. This project should start in a couple of months and will include hooking up all the buildings on the property with new water lines that have will also have access to this water!
  • Our fall project is building a lean-to and on the property. The church has been without a pavilion for a few years and the effect has been felt by those attending VBS, youth campouts, church camp meetings – as well as our visiting work/volunteer groups. Shade is essential when you live in the desert!
  • Our spring project is building a concrete basketball court for the community here at Hidden Springs. There is nothing like this in our area. This addition will be an amazing place to develop current relationships and meet new people. It will also be a great asset to groups coming out on mission trips.
  • We are focused on being 100% funded so that we can invest our whole selves in the work that we moved here for. We are happy to report that we are more than 80% to our goal! This means we are looking to add at least 30 more members to our Collective by the end of 2021! 
We’re so excited about this community & what God is doing, and we’re thankful to be growing & working with all of you!

• Interested in bringing a group out to serve our community? Contact us & we can chat!

•  Join the Hidden Springs Collective with a gift of $50/month or more! Learn about the Collective here

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