It’s one of our FAVORITE things when people come to the Reservation for the first time! They inevitably fall in love with this beautiful place and our Navajo community.

Meet Jalissa & Sarah – two members of the First Church team that came out in the beginning of July:

Jalissa said…
I want to go on this trip because I think it will really help me be more confident in sharing the love of God. I believe this trip will really help me open up and form strong relationships with the Navajo people as well as the people from my group. I have heard many great things from people who went on this trip the past years and I am excited to experience it for myself.When the team got back to VA, I asked them what their favorite moments were & why they wanted to come on this trip.I think my favorite moment was seeing the kids smile and just having fun and engaging in the lessons and games. Story wise – I like the one where the dad welcomes the son with open arms.I want to come back because those kids and y’all already feel like family. I feel like I can make or maybe am already making an impact on these kids’ lives, and that’s what I came there to do.
Sarah’s thoughts before the trip…
After attending First Church for a few years, I have heard time and time again about this life-changing trip, and I am excited to join this year to love and serve the Navajo people. I look forward to investing in these relationships and in the eternal work God is doing through this ministry, as well as see my own life be transformed by what He is doing.Sarah’s Favorite Thing:
The growth in community from the beginning to the end. At the beginning it can be nerve wracking (especially as a first timer), but there is an openness due to the trust the Navajo children have in this group and this mission. By the end of the week, I had my own relationships and bonds with children that were incredible to invest in and watch God grow over time.

Why Sarah wanted to come:

To me, there is something to be said about a mission that is committed to the people they serve. Not just going every once in a while to say a good thing was done, but answering the calling of God to invest in others for His purpose. The years of commitment, the willingness of the Mannings to live here, the people who return year after year showed me that this is a meaningful mission that is dedicated to serve God by fulfilling the physical and spiritual needs of the Navajo people.

Thanks so much for reading – I’ll be sharing from more team members next week!…

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