JUNE 2021

Sometimes it feels like there’s so. much. work. to be done, and there’s not an end in sight. I think these are the times that it’s good to look back to see how much progress has actually been made.
These pictures popped up on my FB memories yesterday with the following caption:
FRI 06/27/2014
{Putting the boys to work.}
*Due to a recent storm, Hidden Springs Bible Church & the house where our group is staying is currently without water. A concrete dam has been compromised, and a 50ft section of pipe that carries water to the church was washed away. Thank you so much for your generosity that helped buy the supplies and rent the equipment needed to make these repairs!
We have water at the church! Danny (from HSBC) said the church has been without water for a year. The boys & men digging the ditch were amazing – thanks again for your generosity & your prayers!”
It’s taken a lot of time and a lot of effort from a lot of amazing people to bring water to the church, the outdoor kitchen, the bunkhouse, and our home. Running water was definitely something we took for granted when we lived in VA & these pictures remind me of what a gift it is.
So while our ToDo list remains long, we’re encouraged by all the people who love us & who love our community. Thanks to each and every one of you who support us spiritually, physically, and financially. We’re thankful that you continue to walk this journey alongside us, and we’re excited about all the things that are to come!…

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