In the beginning of May, we hosted our first mission group since the pandemic from LOVE MISSIONS + Palm Beach Atlantic University – PBA. It was a great week!

Lydia was one of the PBA students on this trip. Here are some of her thoughts about her time here…


to be real, i was not prepared for this trip. i did not know how i was going to have energy to serve and share the same love of God that i have been drifting away from. God equipped an amazing group of people who were so willing to serve and encourage each other. i’ve never seen such a number of servant hearts. we all built each other up with acceptance, leadership, love, friendship, compassion, and patience. this trip ended up being in the top two of the best weeks of my life alongside another time i served God’s people at a camp in minnesota. even though i was not prepared, God quickly changed that and equipped me with what i needed. i was constantly reminded that i was enough and all i had to do was be willing and let God give me encouragement from His word and those around me. i built so many REAL relationships with so many people. i used to try and fill myself up with worldly things constantly and i was never satisfied, after this week i am encouraged to be filled with God and His word so i can be obedient. my heart aches because i want to stay here forever and continually pour into the navajo people and allow them to pour into me with their wisdom and perspective. i will definitely be back. i’m not sure when, but i found what i’m passionate about and i do not want to let that go or be replaced by worldly fulfillment. my prayer for these people in the navajo nation is that they will seek God even after we are gone. they are so unbelievably loved. may they be willing to learn who He is and live for Him.

i’m so thankful for each friendship i made and the friendships i grew in. i love all of these people with my full heart. thank you Jesus.”

Thanks so much for reading – I’ll be sharing from another team member next week!…

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