Brandon’s Story

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since we said goodbye to our friends from @lovemissionsglobal + @pbauniversity. We miss them very much!

Brandon was one of the student leaders on this trip. Here are some of his thoughts about his time here…

• When God Calls ANSWER!!! •

• There are so many things God is going to call you to do throughout your lifetime. Sometimes it’s going to be as simple as to give a lonely person a hug, or something as complex as moving across the world to help serve the nations.

• Last week I was able to answer the Lord’s call. Yeah me, a kid from Jersey who didn’t even follow the Lord til he was 18, a kid that has fallen short so many times he lost count. A kid that still struggles to give a resounding YES when the Lord calls but through all of that it shows that the Lord’s grace and mercy is present. It shows that with those failures and misdirections, the Lord uses them to prepare me for a trip I don’t even feel worthy going on.

• So though I was an unprepared mess that took forever to accept a position on the team, the Lord still took my obedience and ran with it. He gave me the opportunity to not only TEACH, but most of all LEARN. Learn how to love, learn how to lead, learn how to accept and I want to thank each and every person that touched my heart on this trip. Everyone who gave me a shoulder to cry on, everyone who gave me words for my cloudy mind. Everyone who made it their purpose to make me feel loved and with all that I was able to reflect that on everyone who I came in contact with. So to Tina, Carl, Melissa, Cheri, Heather, Glen, Bill, Grace, Anna, Brenna, Lydia, Jess, Delaney, Natalie, and Caden – I say thank you all. You made this first page in a chapter of serving the Lord’s people so inspirational and honestly seeing all the pictures did make me shed some tears, but only three I promise, I’m not a wimp….

Thanks so much for reading – I’ll be sharing from another team member next week!…

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