Brenna’s Story

As you know, it’s been more than a year since we’ve had a mission team come out to serve in our area.

We are extremely thankful to have had @lovemissionsglobal + @pbauniversity with us for a week in the beginning of May.

Because we love our community so much, it’s always enjoyable to host groups who come out to serve.

Brenna was one of the student leaders on this trip. Here are some of her thoughts about her time here…

Garland. Connie. Avaya. Melissa. Glen. Makaia. Grace. Anna. Colaias. Caden. Tina. Heather. Bill. Natalie. Delaney. Lydia. Evangeline. Brandon. Espy. Jess. Carl. Isabella. Betty. Cheri. Gianna.
And so many others.

So many incredible people touched my heart on this trip, I can’t even find the right words to describe it. From the very beginning, this trip was a challenge. I’d never led a team before, and never tried to serve abroad during a pandemic. To say COVID was an obstacle is a MAJOR understatement…we were relocated from Guyana and almost cancelled so many times. As the months progressed and team members jumped on and off, my heart grew so weary and tired. Tired of things not panning out, exhausted from change after change, and drained from getting attached to team members only to see them leave. So when the time came for us to actually depart to the Navajo Nation, I genuinely couldn’t believe it.

This trip was nothing like what I’d been expecting. Not in the slightest. It was so much better. Was it Guyana? No. Was it in my control? Absolutely not. You know what it was though? RELATIONAL. Even though I was leading this team, God gifted me the awareness needed in order to step back and simply BE with the people, to hear their hearts and listen to their stories. I am so amazed at the ways God was at work in the Reservation this past week, and so grateful to have been able to serve and be served by my team members and the Diné people. Guyana stole my heart, but the Navajo touched my soul. That’s definitely not going to change.

Thanks so much for reading – I’ll be sharing from another team member next week!…

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