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We’ve been sharing our girls’ thoughts about our move from VA and life here on the Reservation. You can read the girls’ stories here:
Meet Grace Esperanza!

Friends! It’s awkward to interview yourself – know what I mean? So – instead of chatting to myself (which let’s admit has happened on more than one occasion), I’ve pulled a few posts I’ve written to share with you instead.

Two years and nine months into living on the Reservation & I find my heart both here and in VA. I’m both thankful for the life that we have and nostalgic for the one that we used to have, and that’s ok. I’m learning and growing and honored to have the opportunity to live & love in such a beautiful place with such amazing people…

JULY 2018
God knows what we need right when we need it.

If I haven’t gotten that through my stubborn heart by now, who knows when I will?! I’m a work in progress, and that’s ok.

It’s been an extremely emotional week – which is expected.

The girls wept when we left our family Tuesday morning, and I cried right along with them. Nothing wrecks me more than watching my girls’ hearts break. Thank goodness for a break on Wednesday – a chance for us to rest & relax after an emotionally and physically draining drive the day before.

Today – B had to maneuver our moving truck on narrow roads, over several ridiculous bridges, and through a nasty storm to our current destination in Missouri. His co-pilot was not allowed to talk for several hours and was only allowed to pray silently. She prayed for “no more bridges” – just like her momma!

During our drive, we got word that the final walk-through of our home went well & that the new homeowners had their closing at 3pm. My friend Katherine {Hurst Parker} checked in on a few things at the house and grabbed her lockbox & sign from our lawn. She was gracious enough to pray over the young couple who will be moving in + our former neighbors per my request.

After a rough day of travel, we arrived at our beautiful airbnb + were greeted with {an amazing} view.

The rough roads we traveled today are analogous to those we’ve been navigating in real real life.

God knows what we need right when we need it.

Looking forward to the beauty God has in store for us + so thankful for his relentless love…

“Do the next thing.”
-Elisabeth Elliot

APRIL 2019
Life is sometimes hard & I mess up daily with this one + her three sisters… yet – they forgive me over & over again, love me unconditionally, want to hold my arm while i’m driving, and continue to sing in the car with me at the top of our lungs.

Maybe we’ll all be ok after all…

JULY 2019
As we look back + reflect on the past 12 months, I can’t help but be ridiculously grateful for all that God has done in our lives. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – this has no doubt been THE hardest year for our marriage, for our family, and for our lives as a whole. We’ve been through quite some doozies including: depression, loss, grief, disappointment, and the like – but this year takes the cake for sure.

Yet through all of that – I’ve been able to see and experience God’s grace, patience, and love in ways that I never have. And for that, I’m so very thankful.

Not only is this a before + after shot of a bathroom, but it’s an example of God pouring His beauty on our lives & making something new. We’re still figuring out life and doing our best to love others the way that He loves us – wherever we are. We’ll certainly mess up + fail, but how amazing is it that His mercies are new every single morning?

SEPT 2019
Life is a lot of things right now. It’s crazy busy weeks followed by sometimes busier weekends. It’s not getting to go out with your hubs as much as you want – if ever at all. It’s missing your mama – your dad, too – but you know sometimes you just need your mom. It’s missing friends + family and your nieces + nephews. It’s also still settling into a new normal after a move that was more than a year ago. It’s making new friends & new memories, too. It’s being surrounded by amazing beauty + being given the privilege to love others in the same way that you’re loved so abundantly. It’s also taking a selfie in your favorite coffee shop’s bathroom during a work break. or is that just me? So life is good and hard and full and messy, and I want to be present + thankful for it all. xo…

OCT 2019
So the parenting thing is going amazing right now – haha. I’m not going to share any specific stories, but let’s just say that if i see one more eyeball roll or hear one more sassy remark – then maybe I’ll fly to va for a little break?? B + I are no experts in this area & we probably never will be. Annnd – that’s ok. As long as my girls grow up loving God + loving others, I’ll be a happy mama. Of course – I want them to be able to take care of themselves & sustain a lifestyle that provides them with their basic needs, but more than that I want them to be happy: passionate about what they do + abundant with their love. It may seem trite or cliché, but I promise it’s how I honestly feel. I want them to be safe + confident + worthy in who they are & who they were created to be. Will they be skipping through fields of sunflowers their whole lives? Certainly not. But – I do pray that when they’re weathering life’s inevitable storms that they’ll cling to the One who will never let them go…

DECEMBER 24 2020
You know, social media can be a real {fill in the blank} from time to time. Today, I’m thankful for this spall space on the internet to be fully transparent. 

Thanks to all of you for giving me a safe place to bring the not so fun + shiny to the table. Thank you for picking up some of that burden, for showing that you care, and for pouring love into our family. Thank you for giving me the exhale that I didn’t even know that I needed. My hope is that we will consistently show up for you in the same way that you showed up for us throughout this day.

B update:
After a solid seven hours at the er, Bill was discharged with strict orders to stay on oxygen and to REST. We are extremely thankful to be together this Christmas Eve…

Thanks for letting me share, friends. Next week you’ll hear from the man himself!

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