Esperanza’s Story

We’ve been sharing our girls’ thoughts about our move from VA and life here on the Reservation. You can read Evangeline, Isabella, and Gianna’s stories here, here, and here.

Meet Esperanza Charisse!

Espy is our oldest. She’s 17 years old and is currently in the 11th grade. She loves to create {check out her Redbubble shop!} and is passionate about climbing, nutrition, and wellness. Espy has a quiet spirit and a big heart – it’s a treat for you if you’re one she opens up to. And: she’s one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet…

Here’s my conversation with EspyLou:

Why do you think we moved to the Reservation?
We had been coming here for awhile – for the past 20 years – and over those 20 years, we started to feel like God wanted us to be here to help the community that we had been visiting.

What has been the hardest part?
So I said that the hardest part about moving was change, but it’s also been the best part because change is good for people, I think. Even the physical change, like the environment and being able to walk outside and see how cool it is. It really puts things into perspective when you go from living in a place where you can focus on your own wants and needs the most, and then you move to a place where – well, I guess it’s never all about you – but it’s certainly more apparent that it’s not about you. Yeah – the change was also the best.

What do you miss most about VA?
Probably being around family and friends – yeah, that’s the biggest thing that I miss. Here – you can still keep in touch and stuff, but it’s not the same as being around the people themselves.

What’s the best thing about living here so far?
The experiences that you have with the people and communities.

What have you learned about God since we’ve moved?
So I learned that it’s ok to feel like you’ve backtracked in your relationship with God, and it’s ok to feel like you need to start over. It feels like starting over but it’s not. It’s kind of like He’s always willing to accept you no matter what point you are in your life, and I feel like coming here and realizing…coming here helped me realize what I was like when I lived in VA compared to how I am now. And I wouldn’t have realized that if I hadn’t been okay with accepting that knowledge. Even though it feels like starting over, it’s more like moving forward with God. Even though it feels like I should be in a better place, coming here helps me realize that I don’t need to be at a certain spot. I can just keep going from where I am – build a stronger relationship…

What have you learned about yourself since you’ve moved?
I feel like I have learned about how my psychology works and how my personality clashes, or, well, interacts with other people’s personalities. From living here, we don’t get out as often so you interact with your family a lot more & it kind of forces you to realize the little things that get on your nerves and the little things that you do that get on other people’s nerves. It’s just helped me realize how my brain works. Even when we do YG and events, interacting with other people that aren’t my family – it’s the same thing.

If you could say something to the people who give money every month to help the nonprofit, what would it be?
Clearly, thank you – but also I think it’s important that you know that even though it’s our family out here in the desert doing the events, and distributions, and community work that what you’re doing is just as important as what we’re doing. And – we couldn’t do it without your part in it.

Anything else?
Thanks for being cool.

If you could say something to people who are thinking about giving money to HSM, what would it be?
So if you’re thinking about giving money, I would say that if your heart’s in it and you feel like God’s speaking to you – then do it. If it won’t throw your world off-balance, you should do it. I would say that the more people that are a part of this nonprofit, the more people the nonprofit can reach and help and share our faith with.

Favorite moment, story, memory you’d like to share from anytime in the past 2.5 years?
My favorite memory is when we were playing paintball last fall. Danica & I annihilated the other team and won the game {it was awesome, and then it never happened again (: }.

Next week, you’ll hear from me [Grace]!

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