Gianna’s Story

For the next few weeks, we’re sharing our girls’ thoughts about our move from VA and life here on the Reservation. You can read Evangeline & Isabella’s stories here and here.

Meet Gianna Marie!

Gianna is our second oldest. She’s 14 years old and is currently in the 10th grade. She loves playing soccer and has a great entrepreneurial spirit {check out her Etsy shop!}. Gianna easily makes friends and is always up for an adventure…

Here’s my conversation with Gi:

Why do you think we moved to the Reservation?
So that we could have a greater impact on the Navajo Nation than we could living somewhere else.

What has been the hardest part?
Living in the middle of nowhere, being away from our family, and having to drive super far.

What do you miss most about VA?
Being able to see our family and friends.

What’s the best thing about living here so far?
The experiences that you have with the people and communities.

What have you learned about God since we’ve moved?
The kind of impact He can have on people and how He can change people’s lives.

What have you learned about yourself since you’ve moved?
I learned more about how I can affect people and how just being here makes a bigger impact than being in VA.

If you could say something to the people who give money every month to help the nonprofit, what would it be?
Thank you for donating – we all appreciate it and you are really helping us make a difference.

If you could say something to people who are thinking about giving money to HSM, what would it be?
Whatever you can do to help the nonprofit is appreciated – whether it is money or not. Just supporting the nonprofit makes a difference.

Favorite moment, story, memory you’d like to share from anytime in the past 2.5 years?
I love being able to spend more time with the kids. Even being able to go to school with them has been a fun and interesting experience.

Next week, you’ll hear from Espy!

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