THANK YOU {plus a Bill Update}

You. Are. Amazing.

We initially set a goal of raising $10,000 to help us maintain a Sustainable Future here at Hidden Springs & you SHOWED UP.

You guys – we doubled that initial goal raising more than $20,000 for our end of year campaign.

We’re nothing short of amazed, humbled, and so very thankful.

Not only did you support our fundraising efforts, but you cared for our family in so many ways when Bill got diagnosed with Covid – THANK YOU.

Quick Update:

Bill is not 100%, but he is so much better than he was three weeks ago. He’s no longer on oxygen, he has his sense of taste & smell back {although not fully}, and he was able to return to work today. His fatigue is still a factor so please pray that he doesn’t do too much and that the girls & I would remain healthy.

Thank you again for your generosity, love, and care. We are so excited about this upcoming year! We know that God can use EVERYTHING for His good, and we are leaning into that fully in 2021.

Love you all very much,
Bill & Grace and the girls

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