December 24-26: Update

After a solid seven hours at the ER, Bill was discharged with strict orders to stay on oxygen and to REST. We are extremely thankful to be together this Christmas Eve…

I was naive in thinking that Bill coming home would mean an “immediate” recovery. He’s extremely tired and weak. He’s on oxygen 24/7 unless he’s using the bathroom or showering. His appetite isn’t great – but we’re trying with apples, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, etc. I’m trying not to annoy him to consistently hydrate, but I probably am haha…

We bought a pulse oximeter on the way home yesterday to keep track of his oxygen level + pulse rate. He does have inflammation in his lungs which is causing the tightening in his chest so if you could pray that the steroid his ER doctor prescribed comes in ASAP, that would be great. Thank you!!

Things I never thought would cross my mind: I’m so happy we got Bill’s steroids in…

The pharmacy where we dropped off Bill’s Rx on Thursday wouldn’t have it in until Monday or Tuesday so he called the ER to see if we could have it filled somewhere else, and they found some for us – yay!! I picked it up in Flagstaff yesterday & Bill was able to take his first dose since being treated at the ER.

Bill has lost more than 10lbs, has some coughing, and had lots of hot sweats last night. He’s still weak + tired, but we’re pushing through. Thanks so much for checking in on us, making sure i didn’t blow up our family with the oxygen tank haha, and all the offers to help – we appreciate you!

Please pray:
• that bill would consistently hydrate and that he gets his appetite back
• that the virus would completely leave his body with minimal complications & without leftover symptoms
• that the girls + i would stay healthy

Thank you so much!

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