December 24: Update

Life hardly turns out as you expect it, and that is perfectly fine – it really is! If you know me, you know that I overshare and will also ask all the questions about all things all the time. I consider this both a strength + a weakness – whatareyougonnado? So here we go…

Quick update on Bill:
• He started showing flu-like symptoms on Saturday & Covid-symptoms Tuesday followed by a night of shortness of breath + dizziness. He tested positive for Covid yesterday.
• We’re currently in flagstaff {an hour away from where we live} at the ER. Bill has had labored breathing & tightness in his chest. we got here around 4am MST.
• I’m currently waiting in my vehicle in the parking lot.

• He’s under observation, getting tests done, and is on oxygen + fluids. They don’t want to send him home {yet}.

I’m fluctuating between being “completely fine” to crying a lot to being “totally fine” again. Feel free to share this, pray for our fam, and send your love this way!

Please tell your people you love them, and we hope you have a Happy Christmas Eve + a very Merry Christmas…

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