APRIL 2020

Happy {almost} April, friends! We are hoping this email finds you safe + well…

We just had Spring Break this past March 16-20. During this time, our community started navigating the impact of the Coronavirus along with the rest of the country. We began self-quarantining that week – canceling our plans for Spring Break {including my parents’ cross-country trip to visit us}. Although we were very disappointed, we’re all doing our best to do what’s right for the safety of ourselves + those around us. The governor of Arizona just closed our schools for the rest of the year following updated guidance from the CDC and the White House’s announcement extending physical distancing guidelines until April 20th.

Because of this, all of the girls’ extracurricular activities/sports/etc. are now canceled. Bill has been working from home, and the girls’ teachers & administrators have been collaborating on educational plans during this closure.

It’s difficult to get accurate numbers. From what we can gather and as of this morning, there are over 900 positive cases of COVID-19 in Arizona – over 100 are in the Navajo Nation.

As we all go through this together, we would love for you to pray for the girls as they navigate this new normal – and for me & Bill as we now work + teach from home.

All of us can attest to how this has been affecting us physically, spiritually, and emotionally so we’ll be praying for you also.

This. is. HARD!

Please remember our neighbors + this community as well – that they would have enough of the necessities & that they would stay healthy during this time.

On a brighter note, we have wrapped up our playground fundraiser & we are extremely happy to say that we are FULLY funded!

The playground pictured below is normally over $16,000 & the company we are working with graciously knocked the price down to $12,440 including shipping, taxes, and delivery.

Because of all of you who contributed and/or shared this project with friends + family, we were able to raise over $16,000 – thank you thank you THANK YOU!

This money will be used for the playground itself and the supplies needed to install it. We can’t wait for you to see it all set up!

As you know – we are supposed to have a Work Week on the property in April, a family trip to VA in May/June, and two mission trips to the Reservation in June + July. We are waiting to see how COVID-19 affects these plans and are hopeful that they’ll still be able to happen!

Please let us know how you’re doing whenever you get a chance – we love & miss all of you…

April 13 – Schools Reopen
April 13-22 – Work Week
April 24 – Camping Weekend

May/June – Mannings in VA
May 30 – HSM Gathering
June 12-21 – FL/CA Mission Trip
July 1-12 – FCM Mission Trip
July 17-20 – Summer Camp
August 4 – First Day of School
September 25-26 – Camp Meeting

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