APRIL 2019

During our work week (Spring Break) – Don Durham, Mark Tschirhart, and Bill knocked out a few things:
  • Porch built + steps repaired on the bunkhouse
  • Trench digging from church to outdoor kitchen (200 feet)
  • trench digging from kitchen to bunkhouse (100 feet)
  • Trench digging from kitchen to sewer drain line (30 feet)
  • Trench digging for water supply line (25 feet)
  • Installed 2” PVC piping from church to kitchen
  • Installed 2” PVC piping from kitchen to bunkhouse
  • Installed 2” PVC from kitchen to sewer drain line
  • Installed four #3 wires (in PVC) from church to kitchen
  • Installed four #3 wires (in PVC) from kitchen to bunkhouse
  • Installed and wired breaker panel on outdoor kitchen
  • Installed and wired breaker panel on bunkhouse
  • Installed wiring and 9 outlets inside kitchen (three circuits to provide numerous options for now and future)
  • Installed wiring and 3 outlets outside kitchen
  • installed propane piping for outdoor kitchen
  • Installed new propane tank and regulator
  • Installed piping inside kitchen for hot water heater, oven, and griddle. Piping installed for future appliances.
  • Installed hot water heater in outdoor kitchen to include venting through roof
  • Installed water supply line to kitchen from spring water source. Installed water box with drain line for water supply.
  • Installed sink and counter in kitchen with hot and cold water
  • Installed outside water piping
  • Installed four toilets in bunkhouse
  • Repaired numerous leaks inside bunkhouse due to freezing water pipes
  • Installed kitchen sink faucet in house
  • Repaired water leak on house blast cooler
  • Installed dishwasher in house
  • Installed line for refrigerator water supply (for water and ice)
  • Connected washing machine
  • Installed wiring and vent for dryer and installed dryer

Grace is especially thankful for the ability to do laundry at HOME instead of having to drive an hour into town twice a week!

We are so excited about Realife: a youth group we have started for the communities of Bitter Springs, Cedar Ridge, Gap, and Hidden Springs. Thank you for praying as we meet every Friday night. We are looking forward to seeing God work in & through this group!

We have met several people who are excited about working with the youth, this community, and the church + its property. God has been so gracious in His plan, and we would love for you to pray for wisdom & guidance as we plan for the future!

Upcoming Events + Groups
April 21 – Easter Sunrise Service
April 26-27 – CampOut + Paintball
May/June – Mannings in VA
May 30 – HSM Gathering in VA
June 14-23 – CA/FL Mission Trip 
July 3-15 – First Church Mission Trip
July 6 – HSM Block Party
July 19-21 – Summer Camp
August 6 – 1st Day of School

To our east coast friends – we hope to connect with you Thursday evening, May 30th at 6:30pm at First Church Ministries with an update of our life on the Reservation!

We are also thankful to all of our sweet friends who have traveled to visit us in the past month or so. It is always nice to have pieces of home here for a little while!

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