We wanted to let you know that Bill is taking a group of kids to the Hesperus Ski Area in Durango, Colorado (about 4 hours from Hidden Springs) for a Winter Camp organized by YPC (Young People for Christ) from December 27-29. This event is similar to First Church’s Winter Retreat. FC is our home church in VA.

There will be teens in attendance from other churches on the Reservation as well.

Bill will be taking Espy, Gianna, and Isabella, Otis & Anne Redhouse, and Roshena, Uriah, Dharshena, Henry, and Ohnna Yazzie. It will cost the group $1320 plus fuel for the 15-passenger van that Danny & Karen Barney (members of Hidden Springs Bible Church) are letting us borrow. Hidden Springs is our home church on the Reservation.

If you’d like to help out financially in any way, you can PayPal or Venmo your gift (themanningfam@gmail / @themanningfam) with Hesperus Winter Camp in the note. Any amount is helpful!

Either way – we’d love your prayers for safe travels + open hearts during the event. Bill will be leading one or more of the sessions so we’d love for you to pray for that also.

Any questions – please let us know!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family + friends!


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